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THE SLEEVE is a clever and cost effective way to protect your arms from the hazards of everyday life, at home or on your job. Our lightweight and comfortable cotton sleeves can offer protection from cuts and bruises if you have sensitive skin. On the job, Sleeves provide a barrier against grease, grime, paint, dirt, and other nasties. We also offer Kevlar® sleeves, which are heat resistant and cut resistant -- additional protection for metal workers, mechanics, and certain light welding and grinding applications. 

The Sleeve is knit with a terry-cloth weave inside
for extra comfort, and features expandable cuffs 
on both ends to keep them comfortably in place.

Cotton Sleeves can be particularly helpful for
people who have sensitive skin that bruises easily.
The Sleeve is an inexpensive answer for many
people with health issues, like the elderly and
infirm, who want extra protection and comfort
for their arms.

All Our Sleeves Are Made In America
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We purchase first quality yarn from over-runs
and over-stocked suppliers, so the colors will
vary in our cotton Sleeves. But it keeps our costs
down and allows to offer our standard 21-inch, 
​expandable Sleeve for as low as $1.00 each
when purchased in bulk quantities of 100, or only
$10.00 for a package of six.

Kevlar® Sleeves are genuine Dupont Kevlar® and only come in yellow. Like our cotton Sleeves, They're a full 21 inches long, and expand to fit a reasonably husky arm.

We also offer knit gloves made from Kevlar® or cotton.

To place an order, just go to any category page. If you have questions, please send us a message through the Contact Us page, or give us a call.

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Protect Your Arms
If You Bruise Easily...
• Have Thin or Sensitive Skin
• Elderly or Infirm
• Other Health Issues
On The Job...
• Mechanics • Cooks
• Trash Haulers • Landscapers
• Metal Workers • Painters
Available in Cotton or Kevlar®
Now Offering
Merino Wool
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