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  • Knit from cotton with enough polyester and elastic to let it stretch. 
  • Expandable "sock-top" cuffs on both ends for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Terry knit weave inside for additional comfort
  • Colors WILL vary, since The Sleeve is made from over-runs and over-stocked yarns
  • No fancy packaging. Sleeves are shipped by Parcel Post. 
100 Pack
Cotton Sleeves
A good way to test The Sleeve in your shop, industry or business. A dozen pair (24 pieces), $1.50 each.
Plus $10.00 S/H Anywhere in the Continental U.S.
An economical way to keep The Sleeve in stock. Only $1.25 each when ordering the 100 Pack. The Sleeve is washable, but at this price they can be disposable, too.
Plus $20.00 S/H Anywhere in the Continental U.S.
What Makes The Sleeve Different....
Expandable cuffs on both ends keeps The Sleeve in place, comfortably.
One size will fit most average people, but The Sleeve is expandable to fit husky arms, too. Larger sizes can be available by special order. Please contact us.
The Sleeve has a terry-knit weave inside so it's very comfortable. They're lightweight enough to be comfortable on a hot day, so you can protect your arms from the sun if you work outside. In the winter time, The Sleeve provides an extra layer of warmth.
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Not sure if the Cotton Sleeve is what you need? Order a 6-Pack to try.
Only $10.00
Plus $4.00 S/H
Bulk Pack (300) – ONLY $1.00 each
It doesn't get any cheaper than this! Our Bulk Pack of 300 cotton Sleeves are shipped directly from the knitting mill. They've been sorted and counted, and that's all. There may be some stray strings, and you'll need to turn one end (they come off the knitting machine with one end inside-out). Colors will vary, as you can see. We ship Bulk Sleeves by UPS, so CALL US to place this order so we can quote an exact shipping cost. You can also send us an email, 
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6-PACK (3-pair)
Only $10.00
plus $4.00 s/h